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About Us

Despite advances in modern health care, many conditions such as depression, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, auto immune diseases, CHRONIC INFECTIONS, allergies and AND OTHER DEBILITATING CONDITIONS are reaching epidemic proportions throughout our society.
Understanding the limits of pharmaceutical medicine,  people are generally becoming more educated about their health and are becoming wiser consumers of food and supplements.  More and more people are taking responsibility for their health and are seeking safe, effective, holistic solutions for their health problems.  
We focus on using EVIDENCE BASED NATURAL MEDICINE without toxic or debilitating side-effects, and offer a healing system that draws from the combined wisdom  and holistic approach of traditional Chinese medicine, western natural therapies and over 6,000 years of natural medicine history.

 We strive to focus  on the cause of disease, not merely the suppression of symptoms.  Creating conditions and treatment protocols which allows the body to stimulate its innate ability to heal itself is the natural way.

Please visit our main website at fore more information or contact details.